[eDebate] The Wayne Callaway Policy Debates at UWyo

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Sun Jul 19 14:21:24 CDT 2009

Dear Colleague: 

We?re pleased to invite you to the 2009 B. Wayne Callaway Policy Debates, taking place Saturday and Sunday, September 26-27, here at the University of Wyoming. 

THE TOURNAMENT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. There are no entry fees. We only ask that teams cover their judging commitments and volunteer to judge 1-2 extra rounds. 

We will offer six rounds of NDT/CEDA debate on the 2009-10 resolution:

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reduce the size of its nuclear weapons arsenal, and/or substantially reduce and restrict the role and/or missions of its nuclear weapons arsenal.

...with appropriate elimination rounds, in open division, with breakouts if warranted in novice and junior divisions. We will recognize an appropriate number of individual speakers at the tournament. Times will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes of preparation time per team. 

One judge covers two debate teams. We ask all judges to volunteer to judge one or two rounds beyond their commitment, since entries are free of charge. 

Lodging: The tournament hotel is the Ramada Inn. This is a football weekend and rooms are extremely difficult to find for less than $100. the Ramada is offering tournament participants a block rate of $79.00, $89.00, or $99.00 for two, three, or four people, a rate which includes two free breakfasts. The block expires a week before the tournament begins. Their address is 2313 Soldier Springs Road, and their phone number is (307) 742-6611. Please make sure they know you are entering the Wayne Callaway Debates on Sept. 26-27 (since we are hosting a parli/ie tournament a week later and we don?t want to confuse the folks at the hotel). 

Please let Matt Stannard know if you have any problems securing reservations. You are not required to stay at this hotel, but if you want to search for a better deal, please do so right away. The entire state of Wyoming (which admittedly isn't as many people as Gordon Stables passes every morning on his way to work) supports UW football. 

Entering the tournament: 

Entries will soon be enabled on the debateresults.com site (aka the ?Bruschke Site?). We will post to edebate when the entries are enabled. Please have your judges list their donated as well as regularly obligated rounds. 

Directions to Laramie, Hotel, Tournament, etc.: Maps and travel information will be sent to the directors and coaches of every team entering the tournament. 

Schedule: Saturday, Sept. 26: 

9:00 AM Round One (all debates will take place in the Classroom Building) 
1:00 PM Round Two 
4:00 PM Round Three 
7:00 PM Round Four 

Sunday, Sept. 28: 
9:00 AM Round Five 
1:00 PM Round Six 
4:00 PM First Elimination Round 
Announcement of Awards and Further Elimination Rounds to Follow
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