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Jaipaul Rekhi jaipaulrekhi
Sun Jul 19 18:40:59 CDT 2009

thanks for forwarding this Jaipaul- too lazy to create an edebate account.
open challenge 09
i want to issue an open challenge to any currently active member of college
or hs debate (current participant/debater, not coach or assistant coach or
someone who was a debater but is now a rich lawyer/hedge fund manager/etc.-
obviously if you are a college debater but a hs coach, you qualify).
basically, im envisioning a best of three heads up challenge. 1st- heads up
debate with judges to be decided later and obviously mutually agreed upon.
2nd- heads up nl holdem. 3rd- a game of the challengers choice- gin,
backgammon, chess, whatever. but i would need to be informed ahead of time
with enough time to prepare since it is the challengers choice. i want to do
this for a few reasons, but most notably, i really have no desire to do
actual formal debating anymore (and to my redlands no longer has a team),
but i love competing for money in any discipline, and i know alot of
debaters feel the same way. my proposition is that this competition be a
minimum of $150 with a maximum surprise  wager of $1000. if someone offers
me particularly interesting odds or other terms (which are all negotiable),
than higher stakes could be worked out. but i have no desire to set
something up for less than $150. also- i think this would be a really cool
way to mix debate in as a skill game with other games of skill that, like
debate, require certain elements of controlled luck. if anyone is interested
in this please email me at @ siolapokaplaya at gmail.com or
samuel.iola at redlands.edu.
-sam iola
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