[eDebate] Question for Laptop Only Teams

Brian DeLong bdelo77
Sun Jul 19 19:29:26 CDT 2009

I'm unofficially trying to crunch some numbers on how much it would  
cost for our team to go laptop only.  For the third laptop, what would  
be a general expectation on screen size?  Netbooks are cheep, a larger  
laptop increases the price by about 100-200 dollars.    I wouldn't  
think reading from a smaller 3rd laptop during the round would be much  
of a problem, but my lack of experience in this area has brought me to  
you all.  2ndly, speed wise - are there very many hangups with ram/ 
processing speed with the current lower end laptops?  I assume they  
all have the ability to run multiple open word documents and folders  
without too many problems.


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