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Jim Hanson hansonjb
Thu Jul 23 17:30:47 CDT 2009

JC Learning, who I and Matt Taylor are working with, is looking to hire as soon as possible. Give it some thought.

JCLearning Job Description


? Create debate work books for students(We Provide basic Materials)

? Daily class planning

? Grades, attendance, deportment and other record keeping

? Grading and preparation of homework and exams

? Preparations of regular written student evaluations

? Attendance at faculty meetings, workshops, events

2. Qualifications

? 4-year degree from accredited university or college required; relevant degree perferred

? Experience as a Debater

? Experience coaching debate teams required

? Debate competition awards preferred

3. Requirements

? Be eligible for a work visa

? Be a native English speaker (First Language is English)

? No criminal record

? Be able to commit to a one year contract

Employee shall receive a Base Salary for teaching approximately 30 hours per week, or in any event, no more than 120 hours of teaching per month at the Institute. Teaching hour in excess of 120 per month will be considered and compensated as Overtime.

a.Base Salary. negotiable, min $28,000. 
(varied according to the teaching Experience) 
b.Overtime Pay negotiable
c.Housing will be provided--a one room studio style apartment. 5 minute by Walk
d.We offer visa and also air fee from US to South Korea, Pick up at Inchon Int'l Airport.


Employee shall be available for work from 1 to 10 including one hour break, Monday through Friday, and on Saturday when requested. 

Send your CV to Joshua Choi joshua at jclearn.com. 

JC Learning Co., Ltd.
Joshua Choi
joshua at jclearn.com

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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