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despite the freakout over his skepticism about obama's birth certificate, lou dobbs will remain @ CNN.  i agree with what lou is saying on TV --- obama is an illegal and therefore not qualified to be president according to the constitution.   thank god soldiers are contesting the "commander-in-chief's" orders to go to afghanistan.   BORN IN KENYA!!!

By Matea Gold 
July 25, 2009Reporting from New York -- CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein told staffers of "Lou Dobbs Tonight" on Thursday that the controversy regarding the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate -- a topic Dobbs has avidly pursued on the air -- is a "dead" story.

But in an interview, the cable news chief left open the possibility that Dobbs may continue to raise questions about why the president has not produced a long-form birth certificate. The absence of such a record has spawned rumors that Obama was not born in the United States, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

"He's got more than 30 years as a television journalist, and I trust him, as I trust all our reporters and anchors, to exercise their judgment as various stories evolve," Klein said of Dobbs, whose daily CNN program is a mix of news and opinion.

RELATEDSTORY: CNN President Jon Klein declares Obama birther story 'dead'STORY: Lou Dobbs and the canard over President Obama's birth"Certainly if there are future news pegs, then we have to take that story as it comes," he added. 

That appeared to be a step back from the stance Klein took in his e-mail Thursday, in which he wrote that CNN researchers had determined that Hawaiian officials discarded paper documents in 2001. Because of that, Obama's long-form birth certificate no longer exists and a shorter certificate of live birth that has been made public is the official record, they reported.

"It seems to definitively answer the question," Klein wrote in the e-mail, first reported by the website TVNewser. "Since the show's mission is for Lou to be the explainer and enlightener, he should be sure to cite this during your segment tonite. And then it seems this story is dead -- because anyone who still is not convinced doesn't really have a legitimate beef."

On Friday, Klein said he was not ordering the staff to drop the story.
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