[eDebate] alumni newsletters

Tudor, Kristen H sac36967
Tue Jul 28 10:39:30 CDT 2009

I am preparing to send out an alumni newsletter for our program - something we have not done in the past.  Since this is a first, I'm interested in taking a look at other alumni newsletters to get ideas for layout and types of info to include.  Or, if you'd just be willing to share ideas you've had or used in the past, that'd be great.  The major goal is, of course, fundraising, though I don't expect to generate any large donations from this first mailing.  I'm hoping to just get our network of alumni reconnected to the program to start.  I have a few ideas, but figure many of you have done this a bunch, so I'm hoping to use you as a resource for ideas and inspiration.

I'm doing this one as an actual snail-mailing since my alumni database is mostly home addresses, but I do hope to move this to an e-newsletter in the future, so all types of ideas would be very welcome.

Kristen Tudor
Sac State

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