[eDebate] CBS: Face the Nation 7/26/09 (Switch-Side Debate)

Judson Eldredge eldredge_edebate
Thu Jul 30 09:58:31 CDT 2009


This is a small thing, but I found it to be a pleasant surprise. Face the Nation this weekend ran a segment on the Gates arrest in Cambridge.  I was pleased to see a conservative and a liberal agree that they should engage in a switch side debate on the issue, since it would encourage mutual understanding and conflict resolution. A brief excerpt is below:


  ...we were talking earlier and we decided that not only should we be invited to this White House encounter but what would be interesting; the way you get to the truth is you have the opposite sides defend the person they are least likely to defend. You argue for the white cop, I?ll argue for the black intellectual.


The full transcript and video are here:


Face The Nation ? CBS News July 26, 2009 Transcript


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