[eDebate] Co-author Wanted

Paul Johnson paulj567
Fri Jul 31 18:10:21 CDT 2009

The new journal Timely Interventions is set to launch this fall. The journal's goal is to bring together the awesome power of debate research, with its focus on quick turnaround and nuanced argumentation, and the formal process of scholarly production. The journal is peer reviewed by highly qualified individuals.

The journal is interested in publishing pieces related to the 2009/2010 policy topic that use the insights gleaned from debate research to create a credible document that will circulate among not just an insular academic community, but will also reach people in government and think-tankery and hopefully influence their deliberations on matters of public policy related to our nuclear force. The exigence in this case is particularly awesome, with Obama having pledged in the campaign to dealert, the possible pushing of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and the current arms control negotiations with Russia. Combined with the current instransigence/exericse of sovereignty on the part of the Iranian regime, North Korea's continued proliferation, and multiple other global proliferation issues, the time is now.

I'm looking for a coauthor(s) (preferably an undergraduate(s)) with whom we will produce a scholarly document that will come out during the debate season. The idea is to demonstrate what positive contribution debate makes above and beyond the production of evidence useful in contestation rounds. 

Why should you consider doing this? Several reasons:

1. There is a good possibility of getting a scholarly publication DURING the 2009/2010 debate season. For those of you seeking entry into graduate programs, policy jobs, and other such avenues, a publication looks great.

2. Experience - the process of scholarly collaboration and academic knowledge production can be an empowering process in which valuable experience of working towards a shared goal delivers and refines insights about what collaborative work really means. This is especially true given the opportunity for a publication which is not constrained by the "contest round" format of a debate tournament, but instead is aimed at effecting and analyzing public policy.

3. Be the Debater That You Want To See- you have an opportunity to turn what you do in debate into something that affect policy processes. Thats really cool. We talk a lot about the skill that debate breeds (I'm talking to you framework debates, on BOTH sides). Lets do some of it.

Reply to this email address if you are interested. Any questions, I'll clarify.

-Paul Elliott Johnson


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