[eDebate] National Champion on Big Brother 11

Judson Eldredge eldredge_edebate
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I'm pretty sure this is the guy.


Ronnie Talbott was a member of the 2009 Ohio University team that won the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament combined team sweepstakes. 


Individually, he placed:

2nd in Broadcast Journalism

4th in Dramatic Interpretation

11th in Prose interpretation

29th in Poetry Interpretation


So, definitely not a national champion debater in the sense I think of it, but I can see how in his world it might be legit to claim the title. At least its not totally fabricated like the last reality show "Professional Basketball Player" that I looked up, who would more accurately have been classified as "Unemployed Dude That Lives With His Parents".



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Does anyone recognize Ronnie? He is a Star Wars collector and national champion in speech & debate.
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