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Thu Jul 2 22:53:38 CDT 2009

thanks gerbil.  "guppy tank" -- is that what you used to call the out rounds at tournaments where the better debaters get to keep debating or was the guppy tank the final round or was it a speaker award?     i always thought a guppy was someone who never accomplished one iota in their debate career and then appeared on edebate along with some of those who had under the pretense that they were in the same league.  read a bunch of foucault and derrida and you're in like flynn.  nobody will notice your unpolished argumentation skills.      
you proved all the points.  
glad you dropped the pity critique shows your struggling with that problem and proves your inveterate lack of strategy.    your mawkish slime:
"still, no one is sadder than me to see him as a lost cause."
given these tendencies which you can't explain, your renditions of my style must have been the dilutest vitriol ever.   please, stick to civil discourse at the exclusion of insults.    trust me, that's your alley.
you're trying to slime your way out of it.   you say that this time i crossed the line to pure invective which is, frankly, a lie and almost impossible to prove.   gerbil is a FUCKING LIAR.   BUT...BUT in your slimy disgust, you went further than that.
"i'm no longer convinced of that. and perhaps i do owe those who've been on the receiving end of his rants an apology."
your statement implies that you decided any invective is too much invective.   you really sound like in your struggles that you "decided" to brandish the sword of civil, upright discourse to which you have alluded numerously.     i hope all my culprits accept your sweeping blanket apologies.   
FUCKING LYING again, you PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT. or do you just have a really hard time knowing what it exactly is that you're saying?   slime, slime, gerbil slime.
since you basically said any invective is bad and ALL ALL ALL my victims deserve apologies, then there is no other conclusion than you changed your mind because the invective was aimed at you.    definitely suspect, disingenuous, and uncompelling.    you received a severe whipping with my best targeted invective yet.     the FUCK YOUs throttled your sense of dignity and you broke down with a miserable post in which you express the most immature pity.    your worst post yet is a good example of your post quality especially highlighted by its near indefensibility.  
this would be a really bad time to have to back out of another unsure argument choice given that's the problem being exposed right now.   how many atrocious posts is a former loser debater allowed to make before gerbil deserves to get schlacked?

one more BIG PROBLEM, lil kid.

i admitted my stupidity in judging jon's lecture harshly for not citing 
marx earlier on, and apologized for an 'unwarranted hyperbolic tone' 
- so keep up, old man. 

if my posts of late lack substance, then how did i force you to apologize for your STUPID commentary on sharp's video.   personally, i think the insults were necessary leaving lil room for you to slime your way out.    
tough sell for you given your own admission of the strength of my arguments leading up to your histrionics.   
also, your inability to follow basic argument structure (ironically, a dropped argument) where you keep misdirecting is best countered by collapsing down to a few arguments.   the more arguments made against you the more confusion you can produce.   this paring down of argument quantity was a good strategic choice on my part.   yes, i make fewer arguments against you but that's because you're not very good.    yes, those arguments contain my sharpest invective yet but that because you're my worst opponent yet posing for something you never were and never will be.  you have no pedigree in debate and your posts are most indicative of your lack of talent.   
your lack of talent is evident in your sentimentality, your lack of confidence in a condemning psychological portrait and your having to apologize for poorly judging sharp's video to name a few examples.

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