[eDebate] Awards Amendment on the CEDA Ballot

Justin Green jmgreen
Fri Jul 3 10:17:07 CDT 2009


Thanks for the thorough response.

As an aside from the value of the amendment debate - Let your post
serve as clarification
 - if a student qualifies to be an "Academic/Scholastic All American"
or a "National Debate Scholar" - they may win the award.  There may be
1000 of these.  However, there are only 30 total "All-Americans".
Students may win both.

Every other change in the amendment - Creating a single document so
that the process directions are in one place and a clarification of
what the "Speaker of the Year Award" means probably does not require a
vote; this is more of a clarification than need for a vote.  Anyone
who thinks that this is part of a conspiracy should join a Jesse
Ventura (www.dailymotion.com/video/x50j7f_jesse-ventura-debates-the-911-consp_news).
 I also don't see why the President/presenter of the Academic
All-American award winners could not simply say "let's give a special
round of applause to those debaters that have a GPA above 3.75."  Just
ask for the GPAs in the award nomination process - this might be done

The crux of my argument revolves around the renaming.  The only part
of this Amendment the President cannot unilaterally change.

Our school benefits from awards named similar to that of NCAA Awards.
Our administrators are familiar with the term "Academic/Scholastic
All-Americans"; they have never heard the term "National Debate
Scholar".  They know there is a difference between Academic
All-American and All-American.  (I find it strange that Directors of
Debate cannot figure this out).  Although not every school is
blessed/cursed with a strong presence of athletics (like KSU or USC),
I imagine the vast majority of administrators are familiar with these
terms as well.

Thanks for reading,

Justin Green

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