[eDebate] how gerbil won iran

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Sat Jul 4 15:40:54 CDT 2009

thanks for finally trying to answer the basic skeleton of the argument for the soft coup, you proved how you lost iran before you claimed victory.   if you had beaten the soft coup like you claimed, there would be no reason to finally start chipping away at the basic skeleton.   you had one choice which was to accept ghost-victory and you did that by finally trying to answer the dropped arguments.   the other ghost victory scenario of just quitting ended up being unpalatable to you since obviously you hadn't won.  plus, you're a "last word" kind of gerbil.   holding off on iran and refusing your poor terms of engagement proved to be a solid tactic since i induced you to claim victory when you had lost.    you didn't follow the in-depth discussion with hester and just tried to whitewash the CIA without engaging the majority of the basic premises.  posting links won't do when cards have been extracted from other articles and analysis extrapolated from the cards.

there is no reason for me to re-debate subpoints you refused to answer before putting on the flight jacket and landing on the aircraft carrier.   i would being catering to the gerbil slime.

one thing ************what's up with your intelligent demand for a recount?******** why did you lie and imply there wasn't a recount when there was one?**** i didn't see your admission that you blatantly lied about the recount.     you're really slimy.   i think that part of your email got deleted in transmission.  arrggghhh.
again, it's really too late to deal with your slimy lie.  you had an opportunity and you missed it which is a recurring thread.   but if you do concoct a justification, more evidence of the slime.

funny how you reduce the 1989 TOC champion and second speaker to a 3 year high school debater.  i have a partial claim to be a national champion, guppy.   also, second at GBS.    actually, having been excluded from debating my junior year for the majority of my junior year, those accomplishments were quite extraordinary seeing as i didn't have the exposure and judge name recognition of many of my competitors.    i went to 5 national tournaments the following senior year.   bowed out in quarters at bronx to another team from the same school.     GBN was with a sophomore -- quarters.   emory  --  doubles losing to omar and jerry.    i'll take that career.   TTOC champion as a sophomore.
excuse me, what's your pedigree, guppy tank queen?   and what are your plans after edebate?
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