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Malcolm Gordon malgor.debate
Sun Jul 5 22:26:44 CDT 2009

Dear Dylan-

Your inability to distinguish between the contextual claims of the Zad 95
hegemony card and a kritik impact card is quite telling.  I could give you a
quick summary contrasting the two, but we both know it wouldn't help.

As far as impact claims that are clearly false (assuming a policy oriented
argument, in which an objective statement is made about probable outcomes of
specific political decisions.  This being different from a structural claim
about possible correlations between ideological beliefs and political
events), can we add economic collapse to the list?  I mean, at least we can
say hegemony has not completely collapsed, so maybe an extreme drop would
cause international conflict.  We do, however, know that even the most
powerful economic shock recorded since WW2 (and arguably EVER) has not
directly contributed to international tension, much less nuclear exchange.

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