[eDebate] Topic Three is problematic to me

Josh jbhdb8
Tue Jul 7 14:03:24 CDT 2009

Nick (Guido),

I think your analysis of #1 is a bit off, I would suggest it was by far the
most broad of the three topics (by far the most broad). The topic reads:

Resolution 1: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should
substantially change its nuclear posture to be more consistent with its
nuclear disarmament commitments.

There are many things that might be more consistent with our nuclear
disarmament committments that arent even things you would necessarily
associate with the topic area for instance nuclear sharing committments
etc.  In addition, all the cases topical under 2 and 3 are likely topical
under one.

NFU and CTBT are both things we have pledged or have signed on to as part of
our NPT committments (negative security assurances and article 4)..Part of
our NP committments include Operational Policy (although I think this is the
place an affirmative is most likely to run case of the week bad affs).

The rest of what you say is probably just a difference of opinion, I
personally prefer 2 so far,

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