[eDebate] erlich's fishy, close friendship with cronkite

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Wed Jul 8 02:50:17 CDT 2009

add 'guilt by association' to your list of academic crimes. 'A is a good friend
of B and B is an asset to C, therefore if C is evil, A must be too' is fallacious.
and why didn't your author - jeremy hammond - reject erlich as a source as
you have? in truth, however, hammond didn't say what you're saying either:


"I merely theorized the possibility and documented a pattern of behavior that
suggests this possibility shouldn't be dismissed. The headline of my article was
notably a question, not a statement of fact...".

"There is no evidence ... of U.S. meddling in the Iranian election."

that's hammond's position. that's erlich's position. that's my position.
that's NOT your position.

so, get off the crazy train.

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