[eDebate] 2009 GSU College Tournament Invitation

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Thu Jul 16 15:25:16 CDT 2009

Quick question in regards to the 7 round "norm."   Is it really the community norm to make a larger percentage of each tournament's time devote itself to out-round competitors while shrinking the competition for the majority of the field by over 10 percent (from 8 to 7 rounds)?

What are the remaining 8-round tournaments?  NDT, Harvard, Richmond...others?

Thanks-we're trying to maximize # of debates for our teams.


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We haven't put the tournament on the Bruschke site yet, but the invitation can be found at: http://www.gsudebate.org/events_at_gsu/gsu_national_college_debate.html.

There have been some major changes to the tournament, so please check it out.

Dr. Joe Bellon
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