[eDebate] Does the Debate community not care about limits anymore?

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Sun Jul 26 19:59:08 CDT 2009

The problem can pinpointed to the Topic Committee. I do not know, nor  
do i try to understand, how they do it...but every year, seemingly  
intelligent people get together for three days to see just how badly  
they can screw up a basic concept. I still think it is some kind of  
traumatic stress disorder related to the immediately preceding NDT  
outrounds. THe Topic Committee seems obsessed with preventing a  
suprise case occurring at the NDT......even though it is inevitable.

I really would like for the Topic Committee to come up with a list of  
topics...then take a freaking break. I think that if they took a week  
off, and contemplated the montrosities that occur as a result of  
groupthink, they would rewrite the topics prior to submission to the  
general debate community. Let's face it, a resolution with "and/or,"  
"and" AND ANOTHER "and/or" is a monstrosity that even Dr. Frakenstein  
would consider an abomination.

Scott Elliott

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