[eDebate] Does the Debate community not care about limits anymore?

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Sun Jul 26 22:05:10 CDT 2009

hi Scott,

congrats on your new coaches.  looks like you are doing some good building.  you all should come up to the richmond tournament--8 prelims--pretty cheap tickets.  so, keep in mind, at least the second half of the three-headed hydra says "reduce and restrict."  it could easily have said "reduce and/or restrict."  next year it might be possible to have three and/ors or a neither/nor.  

seriously, a lot of what you say below is accurate, although the community (fewer than 75 teams voted) could have selected #1 if the "and/ors" were that bad.  a lot of us do not like "and/or"--in fact some of us even hate it--but there is also a need to compromise at certain points in the process and that gets reflected in the wordings.  the rest is pretty much described on the "live topic blogs."

the topic could be worse, it could be a lot longer, it could have diverted from the basic controversy paper, and the choices for the community could have been slight variations on the same construction like they have been in the past.  

i will say that stables is a very good leader of this tough process and it is true that the topic committee people work really hard to put together the best wordings possible.  i think we lose stahl and galloway and they were both great.  i'm sure good folks will replace them--you should try running or find a way to get on--it's not like people want to spend their off season writing random topicality papers so it is often just a matter of volunteering in your region.  for me, i enjoy the grammar aspect, making the and/or even harder to stomache--but i still think it worked out ok.

anyway, good luck with your team.  no matter what happens, i bet about half the affs and negs will win this year despite the topic wording. ;)


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The problem can pinpointed to the Topic Committee. I do not know, nor
do i try to understand, how they do it...but every year, seemingly
intelligent people get together for three days to see just how badly
they can screw up a basic concept. I still think it is some kind of
traumatic stress disorder related to the immediately preceding NDT
outrounds. THe Topic Committee seems obsessed with preventing a
suprise case occurring at the NDT......even though it is inevitable.

I really would like for the Topic Committee to come up with a list of
topics...then take a freaking break. I think that if they took a week
off, and contemplated the montrosities that occur as a result of
groupthink, they would rewrite the topics prior to submission to the
general debate community. Let's face it, a resolution with "and/or,"
"and" AND ANOTHER "and/or" is a monstrosity that even Dr. Frakenstein
would consider an abomination.

Scott Elliott

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