[eDebate] Seeking info from Coaches about Liability/Insurance

michael hester uwgdebate
Tue Jun 2 08:33:27 CDT 2009

UWG is examining if/how to restructure university-wide procedures for
student travel, specifically the issues of liability waivers and
(separately) requirements of insurance coverage.

i'm interested in knowing whether anyone works at a university that-

a) requires students to sign a waiver of liability so they won't sue the
university if they are injured/become sick on travel (or sign a waiver for
any other purpose)

b) requires the debate program to vouch for whether students traveling have
insurance OR has to provide some form of insurance itself (from debate

c) has any other kinds of regulations/procedures in place which include
paperwork and/or additional responsibilities for the debate program
regarding student travel and university liability

if you work at a university that doesn't require any of this or doesn't have
a stated policy, that would be useful to know as well.

thanks in advance,

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