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Kelly McDonald Kelly.McDonald
Tue Jun 2 13:13:14 CDT 2009

On behalf of the Tenure and Promotion Working Group, I am posting a link to the forum section of the CEDA website with our working paper and supporting documents. 


I am attaching the Working Paper and would invite folks to please comment in the forum section and email Robert Rowland (rrowland at ku.edu) comments and reactions to the document which is aimed to help directors in a range of position categories successful navigate tenure (if that is the position type they have) and secure promotions / advancement in all types of positions.

Below is a note Working Group Chair, Professor Robert C. Rowland:

The Tenure and Promotion Working Group has completed a draft of our report, which we hope that you will review prior to the conference.  It is attached. The Working Group consisted of the following members:
Chair: Robin Rowland, University of Kansas 
Members: Jarrod Atchison, Trinity University
Matt Gerber, Baylor Univ
Derek Buescher, Puget Sound
Steve Hunt, Lewis and Clark (Remote)
Ryan Galloway, Samford Univ
Kelly McDonald, Arizona State Univ (Remote)
Jeff Jarman, Wichita State Univ.
Kelly Young, Wayne State Univ
Tom Hollihan, Univ of Southern California (Remote)

The draft of the report is based on a review of existing literature on tenure and promotion as it relates to debate, a survey of current coaches (ably conducted and summarized in the report by Jarrod Atchison), group discussion among members of the working group and input from members of the distinguished advisory committee, Tom Hollihan and David Zarefsky.  In addition to the draft report, we have compiled two PDFs containing material on tenure and promotion as it applies to debate and samples related to how research is assessed in theater and related disciplines.  Conference Director Louden has agreed that members of other working groups will be able to slip out of their group meetings on Saturday morning and share thoughts on our draft with the Tenure and Promotion Working Group.  The working group plans to take this input and make appropriate revisions in the draft prior to presenting the report at the conference.  If anyone has thoughts prior to the conference, please send them to rrowland at ku.edu.  We will look forward to a dialogue about our draft report at the conference.
For the working group, 

Tenure and Promotion Working Group
Aims and Tasks: The purpose of this working group is to examine the relationship between the coaching profession and tenure and promotion. The working group should begin by examining the status of tenure stream debate coaches throughout the academy and design a set of recommendations and standards for a variety of institutions. 
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