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Jarrod Atchison jarrod.atchison
Wed Jun 3 21:39:00 CDT 2009

It is with great sadness that I write to let the debate community know that
Frank Harrison passed away Monday, June 1, at his home in Galveston, TX.
Frank was the Director of Debate at Trinity University for twenty years.
During that time he was a tremendous coach, teacher, and friend to countless
debaters both at Trinity University and within the debate community at
large. At the 1961 National Debate Tournament, Frank was third speaker and
final round participant for King's College. He later earned a degree from
Harvard Law and served as a United States Representative for the state of
Pennsylvania. Debate, however, was his passion. He was the 2003 Dr. Lucy M.
Keele Award winner, chair of the National Debate Tournament committee, and
host of the 1991 National Debate Tournament. Although he had success
coaching throughout the nation, his heart was always with the American
Debate Association where he served in almost every official capacity
including president. There are already articles being written on his tenure
in Congress (like the two below), but I hope that we will be vigilant in
reminding the world that Frank Harrison was first and foremost a director of
debate and that in that role he was one of our best.


Jarrod Atchison


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