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Josh jbhdb8
Sun Jun 7 12:37:02 CDT 2009


This part of the North Texas family is in shock today. Condolences to Brian
and Jay and everyone else who had the honor of working with Doctor Gossett.
Dr. G was my first college debate coach and the person who had to put up
with most of my early shenenigans.  I remember his booming voice yelling
"HOE" like it was yesterday.  I remember practice debates in front of
him...I remember his first advice to me before my first debate tournament
(not appropriate for edebate lol).  I was lucky enough to have come back
later and worked for Doctor Gossett for 7 years as a more mature (a little)

Gossett was as unique a person as you will ever meet.  It is sad that so
many new UNT debaters will never get to meet the person who was a mentor for
so many of us.  It will be like one of those conversations where you just
"had to be there."  First of all, he was larger than life....a towering
figure who commanded your attention, who made you want to know what he had
to say, and who was passionate about everything he put his mind to.  He was
a committed First Amendment scholar, was devoted to FDR and to the
Democratic Party, he was such a devoted Yankees fan he named his dog Yankee
and went to the Micks funeral.

I had the pleasure of going to many Rangers/Yankees games with the G-Man and
you could see the look on players like Paul O'Neals face as they heard this
one booming voice through the crowd "Lets go Paulie."

John Gossett was the most passionate friend to the University of North Texas
and that North Texas Debate has and will ever have.  I would often walk
around town or go to lunch with Gossett and he would always know 90% of
everyone we passed.  Most of that is because along with all the rest of this
Gossett was a great teacher and administrator and advocate for education and
particularly debate.  UNT Debate owes Gossett so much for its longevity, its
space, and its pedigree its hard to put in words.

Gossett was also a gigantic friend of the NDT.  He was a member of the board
of trustees, was always nervous about his job of getting the watches, and
cared very deeply about the organization and the tournament.

I last saw Gossett (he preferred to be called Gossett "call me Gosett for
God's sake") in the hospital twice last summer.  Even after being stuck in
the hospital for what turned out to be years he still had his sense of
humor, the ready smile, and a ton of stuff to say (when he wasnt getting in
trouble for trying to escape the hospital).

Today, I send all of my thoughts and feelings out to Karen and John Jr.
John Jr. just started an internship at ESPN and I know John Sr. was
incredibly proud.  I still remember when Karen and John started dating and I
remember when John Jr. was born.
As many know, on Gosset's office door there was the following statement "I'm
a Democrat without prefix, suffix, or apology."  In honor of a great friend
I hope he can hear when I say "Coach, I love you without prefix, suffix, or
apology!"  RIP

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