[eDebate] Unofficial Potential Job at K-State and Thanks

Justin Green jmgreen
Mon Jun 22 14:39:38 CDT 2009

On behalf of KSU Debate - Let me send out a warm-felt thank you to
Jeff Roberts and Halli Tripe who are heading to UCO next year.  Their
work-hard attitude and yet jovial nature will serve as an example for
our debaters well into the future.  You both will be missed.

As a more personal aside - I don't think anyone at KSU will be able to
look at a pack of Red Bull or Camel Lights, or pass by Pat's without
thinking of you :)

Our department chair is in the process of filing the paperwork for
this job - we are likely to act quickly if it becomes a possibility.

Potential Job - Assistant Director of Debate at Kansas State University
Pay: ~$32,000 - not very negotiable
Educational Requirements: Masters in Comm usually preferred, Masters
in another discipline as relevant to Business and Professional
speaking and/or JD might be considered
Preferred Qualifications:College Teaching and Debate Coaching
experience - TEVALS of teaching are much appreciated
Benefits: Health, small amount of life insurance and retirement after one year
Teaching Duties: Teach 3 sections of Business and Professional
Speaking per semester - on Tuesday/Thursday
Debate Coaching Duties: Work with the team during the week, assist in
research efforts, listen/actively participate in practice
speeches/debates, travel fairly extensively to all types of
tournaments, serve as person in charge when director doesn't attend -
very little paperwork
Disqualifications: you will only work with "x" type of debater
(experienced, inexperienced, K, policy, etc), you want to party with
debaters at their house, you will not be friendly to office mates who
do not participate in debate, you are upset you are not teaching
another more exciting class, you find yourself whining or complaining
more than 50% of the time, this is one of multiple jobs you would have
Improving your chances: If you have specialties in types/styles of
arguments and love teaching debate to everyone.
Non-Factors: Desire to be an academic scholar, published materials, or
even a PhD.  Congrats for you, but it does not matter for the job.

The major drawback to this job - This is a 1-year temporary
appointment.  If the candidate performs well, it is extremely unlikely
we would ask them to leave, however - it will likely be a targetted
hire meaning you would likely have to re-apply for the job next year.
There are no guarantees in the long-run.

Why KSU and Manhattan?
- Competitive/Fun Debate Squad - 10 incoming debaters 12 returning -
we graduated no seniors and plan to vie for competitive success at
CEDA and the NDT as well as the Novice and JV ranks.  We had 4 teams
break at CEDA last year - they all return - we expect an even better
showing there and at the NDT.  We will be at Gonzaga, Harvard, Wake,
Kentucky, UNLV, Northwestern as well as up and down the I-35 corridor.
- Quality coaches to work with - Sarah Snider, Natalie Pennington, and
announcing the new star briefly from Pittsburg and more recently West
Georgia aka WGLF - JOE KOEHLE (woop!) - (and the crowd goes wild).
- A family atmosphere department - everybody is real nice hear - I
mean nice - sometimes sickeningly so, but they genuinely mean it
- A great town - Live, work, shop, and celebrate all while walking
from your relatively inexpensive apartment.

So you are interested?
Please email or call me (703..855..6177) very soon and let me know of
your interest and further questions.  If you have a resume, cover
letter and letters of rec already done - then send them along. if not
- then just let me know you are interested.

On behalf of KSU Debate,

Justin Green
Director of Debate

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