Les Lapatopolous leslapatopolous
Wed Jun 24 14:16:49 CDT 2009

Paperless debating is awesome!   Here's why!

1.  If you hate it, you can wreck it easier than debating with a tub.  Drop
the laptop.  Spill your bad tournament coffee on it.  Accidentally drop the
tubs you're stacking into a podium onto the screen.  Congrats-  you just
essentially destroyed the other team's tubs.

2.  Install a keylogger or backdoor on that bad boy during prep time, and
point it at your favorite server.  Bam!  Now you know not only how shitty
the cards that JP cuts for his teams are -- but you have all of the evidence
Wake carries around.  If you're real crafty, you'll also bug the mic so you
can hear the other team prep near their laptop, hear the other team debate
in other rounds, and maybe even catch them talking shit in their hotel room!

3.  Log the evidence laptop into Instant Messenger before you give it back
to the other team. Then when they start their spew down of cards, IM them
with O HAI DID U NOES U R ON INTERNETS?  Kinda hard to read cards with all
them pop-ups I bet.

I love paperless debating.  Nothing will more directly allow me as a debater
to fuck with your evidence and your tubs as much as paperless debating
does.  Keep on truckin, especially because all the judges in this activity
are too technologically inept to figure out any of the last 12 times I stole
all of Whitman's evidence.

Les Lapatopolous
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