[eDebate] ans sanchez: zizek is a boob

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Thu Jun 25 13:46:59 CDT 2009

you are way late to the debate.
that utube zizek is awful.   it takes him 10 minutes to make like 2 arguments maybe.   you get the sense he has an a-critical audience of fawning students based on his cocky delivery and their little prompted laughs.
1) mousavi the liberator.  the boob has talked to people in the mousavi camp and they insist that mousavi is not a liberal, market reformer.   whooo.   good source on mousavi's true intentions, hearsay from people in his camp.   from here, in complete ahistorical fashion typical of a boob,  we get the most flaming defense of mousavi in publication.   "mousavi is authentically engaged in the promotion of authentic democratic islam."   or something close to that.
thank you, zizek the boob, for failing to mention the massacres for which mousavi was responsible during the most repressive years of iran's history.    thank you, zizek the boob, for failing to mention, mousavi's connection to reagan, ghorbanifar, and iran contra.
what's his deal?  why is the boob so interested in helping western media sources reinvent a dictator?    my only guess for his motivation is links to soros and east european CIA election meddling.  let me guess zizek was a universal intellectual on georgia, ukraine and bulgaria during their color revolutions influenced by the CIA.    
sanchez, you're late.   hester backed off mousavi = good because he's no boob.  hester knows that mousavi = bad not mean adhaminejad = good. 
but thank you because now i think edebate now knows that zizek is not very well informed on iran even though he speaks as a universal intellectual proclaiming the rise of "authentic islamic democracy" by a former reactionary dictator (possibly installed by the famous october surprise).
if actually discussing mousavi historical role as prime minister during the greatest repression in its history is "western cynicism", oh sanchez then i don't want to tell you how poor you are at debate.
2) his discussion of the stealing of the election is equally awful.   voter turnout jumped from the normal 60% to 85%.  this is indisputable proof that the election was stolen.   this is the worst mathematical case of speculation that the election was stolen i have seen made.  the least complete case which further shows to me what dupes his students are.  he goes for the anecdote that mousavi lost his home town which esam al-amin has already demonstrated is RACIST LOGIC.   americans like gore and kerry can lose their home state but we have an indubitably stolen election when mousavi loses his hometown.   as esam al-amin says this assumes that rural iranians don't have the rational decisionmaking power to vote for the candidate they think is best and that they vote on "tribal" lines.    ZIZEK IS A TOTAL BOOB.    juan cole and chatham house also make this stupid argument but zizek is supposed a critically aware intellectual.  this a contradiction in his speech where is he talking about "authentically democratic islam" and then reverting to the likelihood of less sophisticated iranians only possibly voting for the home team.
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