[eDebate] "the emergence of an authentically emancipatory democratic Islam"

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Thu Jun 25 21:57:13 CDT 2009

i wasn't engaging in debate, jack, merely linking you to a video. your tendency
toward personal attack is a weakness: for example, if those attending the zizek
lecture didn't laugh, then you'd use that against him just as readily. so it's not
surprising you drop his arguments: does mousavi support further nationalization
or not?, you don't answer. yet i suppose we can skip that, for the heart of the
matter has little to do with mousavi and everything to do with the people dying
in the streets. what zizek referred to as "western cynicism at its worst"' was to
ignore the role of the people - the uprising of the allegedly fundamentalist poor.
this is "the deep distrust of the iranian people" reflected in your own position, is
zizek's main contention. i won't vouch for zizek's sources, and i'm not certain or
uniquely knowledgeable about any of this. still, my hunch is that you're twisting
the facts to fit neatly into the box of herman and chomsky's 'propaganda model'.
pro-iranain protesters does not = pro-mousavi. what we need now is unqualified
expressions of solidarity. if that's what old strega labels as adopting the role of
a 'universal intellectual', then zizek should be happy to consider himself one - as
was foucault when he spoke positively of the '79 revolution, no?

I had come to invite to the Islamic Revolution as it was, and to the Islamic
Republic as it should be. I was not eloquent in this invitation, but the noble
message of [original 1979] Revolution was so pleasant, even coming from
my inadequate expressions, that it excited the younger generation, a
generation that had not seen those times and felt a distance between
themselves and this great inheritance, and reconstructed scenes only seen
during in the times of the [Iranian Revolution] movement and the Holy Defense
[the Iran-Iraq war]. The spontaneous movement of the people chose the
color green as its symbol. I confess that I followed them in this matter. And
the generation that was accused of being far from religious roots, arrived at
Takbir among its slogans and leaned against "Victory Comes from God and
an Opening is Around", "O Husayn" and the name of Khomeini to prove that
this fine tree brings similar fruit whenever it bears fruit. Nobody had taught
them these slogans except the Innate Teacher [God]. So unfair are those
whose little interests makes them call this miracle of the Islamic Revolution
fabricated by foreigners and a "velvet revolution".
: http://elections.7rooz.com/englishnews/Mousavi%27s_statement_number_5_to_Iranian_people

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