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Fri Jun 26 12:56:40 CDT 2009

i find a lot similarities between my position on edebate (where i have a classroom of fawning students who believe everything i say and  laugh at all my jokes) and zizek the boob.
my point about zizek's founding of mousavi's democratic spirit around the question of whether or not he's a market reformist liberal or not IS THAT MOUSAVI WAS AN EXECUTIONER OF IRANIANS AND THE AMERICAN SOLDIERS AT BEIRUT, dipshit.    that's all you have to answer in your next post and should have in your last post.   you're acting like zizek, dipshit.  in big time denial.    
we need the big mousavi democratic conversion story about how he met allah on the road and all the sudden he changed from a mass murderer to the great islamic hope for democracy.   the real story, crackboy, is that he has been reinvented through a-historical media coverage including that u-tube crap.
it's not the poor in the rural areas marching, dipshit, the soft coup didn't make it past the affluent getting twitters from langley and tel aviv.      stop your lying.   that's why it's fading fast.    twitter didn't spillover.
foucault was interested in the iranian revolution mostly because of the will of the people in discarding a US installed coup dictator.    the problem of your little argument  --- mousavi is the shah in this case and it's not a revolution.

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