[eDebate] is bin laden in iran? if so, is the afghan war frivolous?

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opening salvo, but the whole article is worth reading.    the thesis is worth consideration that the US doesn't want bin laden alive because he will tell all he was in iran since 2003 wreaking further havoc on a discombobulated intelligence bureaucracy trying to regain its image after the 9/11 failure.   the thesis, also, undermines one of the major objectives of obama's plan to surgically remove the al-qaeda leadership from the afghan-pakistani border.  

Friday, April 3, 2009 10:44 AM

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Osama bin Laden?s passion for falcon hunting may have come close to doing him in two years ago, when an American falconer working with a Tajik smuggler and a team of former special forces operators planned to kidnap the fugitive terrorist during a hunt in northeastern Iran, according to one of the people involved in the scheme.The plan was scuttled when FBI officials in Boston threatened to arrest members of the snatch team for violating the Neutrality Act ? even though the State Department has been running a ?Rewards for Justice? program offering private citizens up to $25 million for information leading to bin Laden?s capture or arrest, says Alan Parrot, who was in on the plot.?Several FBI agents provided our information about Osama bin Laden?s activities and whereabouts in Iran to their hierarchy,? says Parrot, the CEO of the Union for the Conservation of Raptors, a U.S.-based conservation group that works to combat falcon smuggling.?But when they received no response, they turned around and threatened to arrest us if we continued to plot to kidnap bin Laden on U.S. territory,? Parrot told Newsmax.Parrot initially contacted the FBI after an informant in the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan identified a local smuggler who told him he had met bin Laden by accident during a smuggling foray into Iran in November 2004.As Parrot and his associates grilled the informant, they learned that he was a personal friend of the smuggler, and could lead them to him so they could evaluate his information.Parrot initially took that information to the FBI, the CIA, and to other U.S. government agencies, but got no response. He shared information with then-Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania and Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, an old family friend.
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