[eDebate] gerbil in the room

Old Strega oldstrega
Tue Jun 30 00:02:19 CDT 2009

is it necessary to discuss marx to give a good lecture on foucault?

is it of the utmost importance to mention marx in a lecture on foucault?
since some of marx's theory permeates foucault, is it possible to discuss marx without direct mention of his name?
pointing out that a lecturer failed to mention marx in the first 16 minutes of  a lecture on foucault is STUPID.

you're not even going to attempt to defend your statement.
off to the races distracting here and there but at the end of day not much to say. 
1 argument -- 1 argument -- can you answer it?
try...i know it's so difficult. 
saying the names marx and foucault alot DOESN'T ADDRESS the questioning of your commentary, lil kid.

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