[eDebate] ans gerbil on iran

Old Strega oldstrega
Tue Jun 30 00:21:15 CDT 2009

you're impossible to debate.  you're slimy.  you're a prick.  you have fun being one.    you cry when you get called names for being evasive.   you're prick for the sake of being a prick.
you refuse to answer arguments.  you appear incapable.   
you're going to push this on and on with evasion after evasion but i'm done because you're terrible and wasting my time.    
after many posts demanding WHY CAN'T YOU ANSWER A BASIC QUESTION you finally try to answer.    that's an asshole.   you don't know how to debate well.  that's why you didn't do well at any tournaments.
i don't care about being friendly to people like you.  
i have no respect for your intelligence.   why should i?   not only can you not debate but you refuse to learn.
how many lines of argumentation are we going to go through on iran where YOU DROP COMPLETELY THE ROLE OF THE CIA AND THE MOSSAD?
only a really stupid person would keep "debating" without answering that.
every statement you just made has already been defeated 10 times over by the US imperialism turns on psychologically manipulating the protesters.   all you are doing is adding confusion.  that's annoying beyond.
you do have a chance to answer the CIA involvement in the coup.  i've tried 10 times now to get you to but if you chose to do so, then either your sincerity or your intelligence must be in serious question.   i've tried every time but you refuse to answer and you just spew irrelevant arguments that are all completely SUBSUMED.

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