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Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Thu Jun 4 07:11:55 CDT 2009

Upon hearing the news I was at a loss for words--and even still I am finding it difficult to express how sad I am.


When I was an undergrad helping to manage the Cap Cities tournament, Frank nicknamed me The General (I must have a talent for barking orders).  Upon learning of my move to Navy, I got an email from Frank telling me that I was being "upgraded" to The Admiral.  


I had quite literally no idea how to run a debate tournament my first year at Navy and I had very little assistance from the Academy as we were between Officer Reps and I wasn't even sure what to ask for from my department.  I called Frank, somewhat desperate, in December.  I got about two sentences in when he stopped me and said "Admiral, what can I do?"  Needless to say, his capable management skills and the respect given him by the entire community made the Navy tournament a success.  I honestly do not know what we will do without his wise counsel and assistance.  


I think "what can I do?" summed up Frank's interaction with most of the debate community.  I have heard and am sure I will continue to hear many stories of him riding to the rescue of programs or people in need of assistance, in addition to his continual service to and support of the ADA.  


To Trinity alums and debaters, and especially to Jarrod and Jamie, you have our condolences, and in the spirit of Frank, let us know what we can do.  


To Frank--fair winds and following seas, as a true friend of Navy Debate.  You will be missed.


Danielle Verney O'Gorman (aka Admiral Daisy)

Navy Debate

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