[eDebate] Debate about the topic wording

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Jun 5 00:16:35 CDT 2009

Wow thats kinda a harsh thing to say to what seems to be a pretty cool
platform that somebody put some work into...you might be right about parts
of it, but it kinda seems like you went to the first line and where like oh
m Gee i can't believe the insolence of this person... I like jarmen's drupal
site, he has made a lot of good additions to it...though outside of the
topic page none of the cedadebate.org things have become something people
need, or want to discuss...not sticky at all...the most recent comment last
time i checked was me bitching about some formatting stuff and in the three
weeks since i made reasonable technical complaints not a single person said
any thing....the debate about debate has a function that makes me want to
come back...i like it...i want my debate sites to be like the rest of the
internet but doing the things we find interesting...numbersgame wins there
and so does debateaboutdebate
On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 9:51 PM, Kelly Young <kel1773 at msn.com> wrote:

>  This is a great idea. I was just thinking what we really need is another
> 1000 websites with topic comments that have zero likelihood that anyone on
> the topic committee will read them. How about you post comments on the
> topic.cedadebate.org. Or perhaps email the committee members who addresses
> are all linked on that site.
> The assertion that the committee is spread thin is laughable and
> hasty. Just because you can't figure out how to press "respond" on the site
> or use email doesn't mean the committee is non-responsive.
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