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Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Fri Jun 5 20:22:15 CDT 2009

these posts about frank have been good to read--he's meant so much to so many.  i'll always remember his unconditional kindness to all involved in debate, one of the elder guides of the activity.  frank always lived the important anxiom that the people matter first in debate.  we'll miss his presence immensely in the ada and beyond.


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I was so sad to learn that Frank Harrison died this week.  He has given
so much to the debate community in his service to the American Debate
Association, Trinity and so many of our tab rooms across the nation.
When Catholic University hosted Cap Cities, Frank always volunteered to
help run the ADA side of the tournament. He was a great friend to all of
us in the ADA debate community and his service to the debate community
was extraordinarily inspiring to me. Frank was a debate icon that will
be sorely missed.

Ron Bratt

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