[eDebate] Paperless -- Who is doing it?

JP Lacy lacyjp
Wed Jun 24 03:05:36 CDT 2009

I know a bunch of you are on the fence. You probably plan to try it & 
see if it will work for next season, (or the next.)

If you're in that boat, post your worries to eDebate!

We need as much collaboration as possible to help get rid of paper.

-- JP

ps-If anyone hates the whole paperless thing, you should say so!

JP Lacy wrote:
> Thanks to Whitman & Hardy's hard work proving it works, who is planning 
> to go paperless next year?
> Wake is planning to. We are stealing Hardy's work to make it happen.
> The health care savings alone will pay for it:)
> -- JP
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