[eDebate] Paperless -- Who is doing it?

David Trigaux jddtfl
Wed Jun 24 10:52:09 CDT 2009

USF St. Pete has considered the paperless route many times for the obvious savings it presents to a small team like us. However, the largest obstacle that we face is that we don't have the funds to acquire laptops in the first place. the majority of our debaters have their own laptops, but most aren't very reliable, to be frank, and a 3rd laptop for each team is a real stretch.?It ends up being a trade off between going to tournaments, or buying laptops.?We drive to most tournaments, so shipping tubs hasn't killed us. Has anyone found a good method?for acquiring laptops en masse cheaply, or perhaps found a business willing to donate a few? 

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Subject: [eDebate] Paperless -- Who is doing it?
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Thanks to Whitman & Hardy's hard work proving it works, who is planning 
to go paperless next year?

Wake is planning to. We are stealing Hardy's work to make it happen.

The health care savings alone will pay for it:)

-- JP
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