[eDebate] frankly, sanchez is stupid and never was a debater of note

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Sun Jun 28 13:33:42 CDT 2009

unnoteworthy 35% --
thank you for the appropriate simile between your miserable debate career where your voice was hardly heard and the voices of the protesters in iran.   you're not an exhibitionist.  you're a professional rhetorician.    excuse me, for my grave error in labeling you.
i don't find it surprising given that you never learned to debate well that you would resort to rules keeping.   perhaps, there is a place in the obama administration for you to write parking tickets.    your indignation deserves a pat on the butt.    if you can't make a simile right, then why the hell not enforce the absolute standards of ethical debate discourse.   
next, thank you for granting that the protesters represent the side who lost the election.  that's the 35%.     those protesters would be in a much better position if they were not being portrayed by obama and the media as disenfranchised (a technical term which means they won the election but it was stolen).    US imperialism and meddling, by your own admission of 35%, is reinforcing the hardliner crackdown.    you don't have to answer the question: why is obama and the CIA stoking the discontent and misrepresenting the losing 35% as winners?    in a situation of less misinformation, the iranian regime would possibly be less repressive.
i do expect you, as you probably did in the 2NR and 2AR when you were losing competitive debates, to drop your arguments and come up with something new like the "noteworthy 51%".   i'm sure you were mesmerized by all your losing decisions when the judges told you that's BAD STRATEGY.  sanchez, the walking red herring.
in your last post, you said that "zizek was irrelevant".   not good enough, pissboy.   YOUR POST OF ZIZEK WAS MORE IRRELEVANT.    zizek says in the video that doubts about mousavi the murderer are examples of western cynicism.  zizek frames the movement as a mousavi movement. zizek frames mousavi as a representative of authentic islamic democracy.   
the obvious question outside your pissboy world is:  why did you post the zizek video in the first place if zizek is irrelevant and you can't explain why you posted it?
cry, cry, whine, whine, maudlin "because zizek was honoring the moment of truth like foucault did that these protesters represent in defiance of a repressive regime".
he's not just honoring the moment of truth, with loose mathematical analysis, looser than any other, he claims the election was stolen.   remember the racist claim you dropped before, the azeris didn't vote for the azeri.
what's wrong with obama's intervention to keep twitter open when twitter was set to close for maintenance (as the tears roll down his cheeks)?  if you had been following the debate that you tried to get your name in on, then you would know that the alleged origin of the twitter accounts that produced 30,000 twitters in the days following june 13th is israel.   obama wanted to keep open a misinformation and discontent stoking conduit to the protests.  this is a kind of psychological warfare, the mossad has been practicing recently in lebanon and gaza.
just backtrack, pissboy, and make the case for zero US involvement in destabilizing iran despite no evidence that obama discontinued bush's heavily funded program to destabilize.
another irrelevant argument which you need to own is your recent denouncement of the "political will" which when pointed out that it was foucault's main concept in his iran writings, you ducked for cover.
pissboy, the outcome of the thread is predictable.  you will keep trying to distract to more irrelevant angles and will keep getting called out but eventually you will drop all your arguments and leave the thread having made no contribution.

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