[eDebate] Max Adler Novice of the Year Award

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Mar 3 08:51:56 CST 2009

This weekend at the d8/ne region championships at Baruch I announced that
the Novice of the Year Award presented this weekend at JV/Novice Nationals
will be named in honor of Max Adler.
If you didn't know Max you missed out on knowing a pretty cool debater. I
didn't know max beyond my interactions with him in my role as a coach and a
judge, but from what i knew of him he was a hard working, intellegent, and
excited member of our community. When he passed away last year I like many
people asked what can i do to support his grieving friends, family, and
teammates. I began a discussion with Frank Montano from the New School about
naming an award in Max's honor. After consulting with Max's parents frank
recently indicated to me his and max's family's support and we where able to
go ahead.

This weekend at JV/Novice Nationals at Towson we will present the first
annual Max Adler Novice of the Year Tournament. I have extended the deadline
for entries on special awards. If you would like to nominate someone for
this or one of the other special awards please check out
http://jvnovnats09.wordpress.com/special-award/ i would like to have all
nominations in by the time the weekend starts, and will absolutly stop
accepting entries at the close of registration friday night.

The next email will have a large amount of updates about the tournament.
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