[eDebate] JV Nov Nats updates

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Mar 3 10:29:40 CST 2009

There are a lot of updates in this email, please read carefully, if you have
additional questions feel free to contact me.
Entries are still open, they will close thursday, at which point preferences
will be turned on, you will then have till friday evening to get them done.

1)Tournament procedures
a) Undergrad Judging- Undergrads will be able to judge as they have in the
past, this year they can only count for half of your commitment, but you can
put them in for more rounds. They cannont judge in divisions that they have
been competing in regularly and are at the discretion of the tournament
b) Eligibility- As per the invitation, if you began the season with novice
or jv eligibility you are eligible to compete regardless of final round
qualification or ndt qualification.
C) Teams Clearing- We will clear up to half the field as per ceda
regulations. Assuming nothing goes goofy, this should mean all 4-3s clear.
We will not clear 3-4's
d) deadlines- Entries 10 pm thursday night. Prefs 7pm friday night.
Registration confirmation 10 pm friday night. Special Award nominations
Friday 10 pm.

2) Preferences - Mike Davis and i will use a 6 catagory preference system in
the tab room, these preferences need to be entered by 7 pm friday at the
latest on debate results, basicaly by the time you register you should have
your prefs entered. If you do not have them by 11pm friday evening they will
not count. We will make an effort to enter late prefs for later rounds but
make no gaurentees.Supplemental strike sheets will be likely.

3) Registration- Registration is at the hotel 7-10. If you will not make it
by 10 pm call or email andy ellis at 240-285-0843 in order to confirm your

any other questions please contact me
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