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Hello everyone - 

We are still accepting MAC addresses.  Please get them in as soon as possible to ensure internet access for your school.  We are looking forward to hosting you and appreciate  your cooperation on this.  Please let me know if you have questions or need additional assistance.  Desaray will post an updated list of who still needs to submit their addresses in the next day or so.

Thanks -

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We at ISU are excited to have
you all coming and participating in CEDA.  In anticipation of this event ISU is going to give participants access to their primary network on campus.  However, we need a list of the following information: 

1. Your school name
2.  The name of each participant and the MAC address for the computer thtey plan to use at CEDA.  

3.  This must be sent to desaraybrown at gmail.com no later than March
1st 2009.  After March 1, we cannot guarantee you access to the internet while on campus.

4.  Please put ?CEDA MAC addresses (school name)?
in the subject line of the e-mail.

Each school will be issued a user id and password which will work for all registered computers from that school.  Please have your students update their virus software and refrain from engaging in activities that dominate the bandwidth such as downloading pictures and videos.  If there is a problem with one machine from a school, the entire school will be immediately disabled.  Also, if someone crashes the network, it is unlikely that it will be restored for the remainder of the tournament.   

for finding the MAC address are included. 
Thank you
for your time.
Directions for People with WINDOWS
1.      Push
the start button.
2.      Click
the ?run? icon.
3.      Type
cmd and push enter
4.      Once
the command screen pops us type: ipconfig/all
5.      Push
6.      Scroll
down to the Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection.
7.      Look
for the ?Physical Address?
8.      Send
this number for each individual computer.  Please include the slashes.
Directions for people with Macintosh
Refer to the following link:

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