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Thu Mar 5 10:05:20 CST 2009


We are busily preparing for your arrival in Pocatello.  I think you will find this year's National Tournament a great experience and you will be glad you are there.

Remember the early payment deadline to enter the tournament is this Friday (tomorrow).  Please enter teams on debateresults.com, update your dietary info there, and include all judges.  Eligibility documents can be scanned and uploaded to that site as well, or mailed to me.  Payment can be made by going to cedadebate.org and paying online, or you can pay at the tournament, or mail a check with your elig forms if you are mailing them.

Please update your judging ASAP so Gary can begin to make decisions regarding MPJ.
I also know need to know so we can make arrangements to find extra judging.
There are 8 prelims--if you are in for more than 8, while I am sure you are that talented, we prefer not to flight rounds, so we will ask you only put yourself in for no more than 8 rounds.  : )
Volunteers for extra rounds are also appreciated.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
CEDA President
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