[eDebate] WANTED: Debate Coach for University of Rochester -- Job Announcement

Ken Johnson kenrjohnson
Thu Mar 5 14:07:53 CST 2009

This is an unofficial announcement. Our Dean must give the go-ahead before we can officially hire assistant coaches for 2008-09.

This is a coaching only position. We are looking for dynamic candidates with a desire to teach and coach debate to students across all ability and experience ranges. Our program privileges novice debate equally with NDT level competition. An ideal candidate will be able to generate confidence in new debaters, and in the next breath, be able to turn around and help the next person in-line prepare for a national circuit level tournament. 

You must also be willing to support the development of our public debate program and world's style parliamentary debate program.

These are the assumed details:

This is a year-to-year position.

$14,000 salary for Sept-May + University Medical Benefits + $200/tournament (judging stipend). 

Rochester, NY is a very low priced place to live. Rents with roommates can be found in the $200-$400/month range. 

Please email me at Kenrjohnson at msn.com with questions and interest.

Thanks and please pass this along to your graduating students. 

I will be at JV/Novi Nats (Towson) and CEDA Nats to answer any questions.  You are also welcome to ask Mike Girouard, Brady Fletcher, or Gordie Miller for their "inside scoop" on working with the University of Rochester Debate Union.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ken Johnson 
Director of Forensics 
University of Rochester 
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