[eDebate] Frosh-Soph Nats -- Octa Results and speaker awards

repkowil at msu.edu repkowil
Sun Mar 8 22:17:44 CDT 2009

Top Ten Speakers:

10. Aakash Gupta, Michigan
9.? Dorothy Hector, Georgetown
8.? Kirk Gibson, Emory
7.? Sean Kennedy, Kansas
6.? Megan Swenson, Emory
5.? James Hamraie, Emory
4.? Parker Cronin, Michigan
3.? Ryan Stevens, Wake Forest
2.? Eric Lanning, Michigan State
1. Lucy Zhu, Georgetown

Octa Results (full student names appear in the previous post):

(3) Kansas KK (Neg) def. MSU BM, 3-0
(4) Minnesota CH (Aff) def Michigan SS, 3-0
(5) Georgetown HZ (Neg) def. Wayne State KS, 3-0
(11) MSU KK (Aff) def. Emory GH, 2-1
(7) Emory MS advances over Emory BP
(9) Kansas PW (Aff) def. Michigan CG, 3-0.... Strauss votes aff.

Thus -- tomorrow morning:

MSU EL v. Kansas PW
Wake BS v. Emory MS
Kansas KK v. MSU KK
Minnesota CH v. Georgetown CH

... take it easy....

-- Will
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