[eDebate] Frosh-Soph Nationals -- Semis results and Final Round Info

repkowil at msu.edu repkowil
Mon Mar 9 13:59:08 CDT 2009

Semis results:

Georgetown HZ (Neg) def. Kansas PW (Aff); 3-0; Panel: D. Keenan, J. Gonzo, W. Repko

Kansas KK (Neg) def. Wake Forest BS (Aff); 2-1; Panel: Ed Lee, G. Murillo, J. Paul****

Thus, the final round -- 3:45pm:

Kansas (Patrick Kennedy & Sean Kennedy) versus Georgetown (Dorothy Hector & Lucy Zhu)

Kansas is side-locked Aff.

Panel: Josh Gonzalez, Dylan Keenan, Gabe Murillo.

Special thanks to Dylan who WANTED to judge beyond his commitment.

Will post the final round results later today...



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