Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Mar 10 23:54:57 CDT 2009

I would like to thank everybody who came to the tournament this weekend,
despite the situation i referenced in my previous email with tuna i was
thrilled to have one of my few interactions with college debate this season
being able to host everybody for what is my favorite tournament on the
schedule. It was hard work but thanks to all of you who made the tournament
run extraordinarily well, with great competition and judging...it was my
honor to host you all this weekend...a few people i did not thank at the
awards ceremony who i absolutly should have thanked.

1) Mike Davis...Mike ran a professional efficient and trouble free tab room,
that i hope can define the tournament in the future...thank you mike you are
2) Daryl Burch-Daryl was there late into the night cleaning rooms and
helping out all tournament...he is not a towson coach, just a huge supporter
of debate, and i overlooked thanking him at the awards ceremony...thank you
3) Towson Coaches....coaching and running a tournament is tough, thats why
we had most of the work "outsourced" this year, but none the less the towson
coaches chipped in and helped out as much as they could, ...thank you chris
beth and stephen...
4) Judges who gave extra rounds...you make the world go around...
Betweem the awards, this email, and personal conversations i am sure i have
still missed a bunch of people...if so...then when i realizie it iw ill
thank you...but to the rest of the community this has been the most exciting
wekeend of my season and i look for ward to future jv nov nats at towson.
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