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                       NOTE: NEW HOTEL FOR THE 2009 TOC

                                HOLIDAY INN  NORTH
                                1950 Newtown Pike
                                PHONE: 859--233--0512
                 Room Rate:  $95+ tax /per night  (up to 4 in a room)


Bob Horlick, director of the Auburn Cally Invitational, has certified the
2009 TOC qualifiers. Auburn is a TOC qualifier in LD at the Semis level and
in Policy at the finals level.


    Katerine Everett, Vashon, WA
    Brendan Silk, Bainbridge, WA
    Josh Petersen, Tahoma, WA
    Lizzie Sivitz, Bainbridge, WA


    Sean Ghods and Steven Rowe, Mercer Island, WA
    Mitsu Gunsolus and Kayla Janyk, Bellingham, WA


Jim Gentile, director of the Georgetown Day Invitational, has certified the
2009 TOC qualifiers. Georgetown is a Policy qualifier at the finals level.

    Leigh Ann Humphries and Brian Shim, Berkeley Prep, MA
    Chris Power and Katyna Cadle, Bishop Guertin, NH
    Mitch Hagney and Christian Steckler, Bishop Guertin, NH
    Benjamin Chang and Harah Jhaveri, Edgemont, NY
    Valerie Bisharat and Alex Zavell, Head Royce, CA
    Ken Bailey and Austin Layton, Milton, GA
    Ross Gordon and Ira Slemski-Pritz, New Trier, IL
    Nick Honegger and William Rains, Tampa Prep, Fl


Shane Stafford, director of the Blake Invitational, has certified the 2009
TOC qualifiers. Blake is a qualifier in both Policy and LD at the
quarter-finals level, and Public Forum at the Finals level


    Anshu Sathian and  Rajesh Jegadeesh, Westminster, GA
    Jillian Jordan and Tamar Kaplan, Highland Park, MN
    Chris Power and Katryna Cadle, Bishop Guertin, NH
    Colin Quinn and Alec Zimmer, Glenbrook South, Il
    Will Thibeau and Richard Day, Glenbrook South, IL
    Hao Shen  and Apoorv Kumar, Lexington, MA
    Jennifer Armstrong and Peyton Lee, Paca, Ga
    Russ Gordon and Ira Slomski-Pritz, New Trier, Il


    Chris Theis, Apple Valley, MN
    Christian Keil, LakeVille South, MN
    David McNeil, Edina, MN
    Matt Dunay, Bronx Science, NY
    Ken Hershey, Scarsdale, NY
    Tess McNulty, Milburn, NJ
    Sean Nadel, Harvard Westlake, CA
    Alex Zhang, Pace, GA


    Chip Sinton and Will Miller, Laje Highland, FL
    Klayton Hiland and Connor Shields, West, IA

JW Patterson,
TOC Founder

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