[eDebate] Judging at CEDA Nats

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Fri Mar 13 08:16:00 CDT 2009

We are hoping to have the pref sheet go live Monday night to give folks the maximum amount of time to thoughtfully complete their preferences.  To facilitate this we need to finalize the judge pool ASAP.  It is most critical that we at least have all the correct judges in the pool even if the number of rounds change.
Several schools do not appear to have covered their judging yet.  I know that for many of you, arrangements have been made with other schools at the tournament to sell you rounds.  Since it may not seem intuitive, here's how you should communicate that intention.  The judge that is selling rounds should be listed under his/her own affiliation.  Their total obligation (covering their own and hired out) should be listed.  The comment section should then make clear who the hired out rounds are to be credited to.  The school that is hiring judges should also enter a comment that says who is covering their missing rounds.  I can then match them all up.
PS  As always, I am desperately in need of additional rounds, preferably volunteer (contact Chief for his round (of drinks) for a round (or judging), but hired if you prefer.  Please contact me with your willingness to judge additional rounds.  The entire community will thank you.
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