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Mon Mar 16 09:49:46 CDT 2009

yeah, i think i can have the rice genealogy aff done by tonight. those cards
i found on chinese farmers are sweet, huh? lol. obvi, the taoism k will be
part of that file (it's better as an add-on or answer to disads, but i'll
make sure there's a version of the 1ac that has a taoism adv).

btw, i think this aliens arg is gonna work, just not sure if it's aff or
neg. it took me forever, but i finally found the backfile on the greys. and
we definitely have cards saying slaughterhouses are a cover for cow
mutilation experiments. we can either run it on the aff (end cafo subsidies
as a means of ending secret agreement with the greys?) or as a neg (ending
subsidies to cafos violates the treaty w/ the greys, causes war?). i kinda
like the latter better - we need cafo strats, and we already have other new
affs. oh shit, and get this, i found some cards on how the experiments carry
over into school lunch programs! (might make 'consult the greys' cp a sweet
strat against harv rs?) now that i've found those cards, i'll work on the
rest. may not have it done by ceda, but definitely by ndt.

here are the other files i'll have done before ceda:

1) should 'past tense' t  (if you still have that list of historical
reductions in subs, send it to me, i can't find mine)
2) soil erosion good (already have the microbes scenario done, finishing up
the dirt first arg)
3) white power good (the towson and uco bison stuff is complete, need a few
more cards for the eugenics scenario vs critical dairy)
4) Counterfactuals (slavery good scenario vs cotton affs is done, solar cars
vs biofuels needs more ev)
5) k of "intolerance" (definitely works against the critical dairy affs, but
can't find the cards we need to run against oklahoma)
5) breast-feeding shift bad (it's better as a disad vs policy dairy affs,
but i may be able to make it some kind of k vs critical dairy)
6) genealogy of rice aff

sine the the other stuff (aliens, gates/buffett cp, and fasting k alt) are
more for ndt, i'll wait to work on them.


p.s. - that zucchini bread was awesome! thanks
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