[eDebate] TOC QUALS: MBA,Meadows,Iowa Caucus, Rufus King

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Mon Mar 16 09:51:06 CDT 2009

                          NOTE: NEW HOTEL FOR THE 2009 TOC

                                HOLIDAY INN  NORTH
                                1950 Newtown Pike
                                PHONE: 859--233--0512
                 Room Rate:  $95+ tax /per night  (up to 4 in a room)

PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY. We report the Names and States as they are reported
to us, but occasionally, the reports have mistakes.


Billy Tate, director of the MBA Invitational, has certified the 2009 TOC
qualifiers. MBA is a TOC qualifier in Policy at the octafinals level.


    Sean Hernandez and Reid Ehrlich-Quinn, Damien, CA
    Chris Powers and Katryna Cadle, Bishop Guertin, NH
    Hao Shen and Apoorv Kumar, Lexington, MA
    Anshu Sathian and Rajesh Jegad, Westminster, GA.
    Will Thibeau nd Richard Day, Glenbrook South, IL
    Tyler Boykin and Richard Day, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Brittany Nehman and Matthew Pesoe, Woodward Academy, GA
    Quinn Powell and Chris Duran, Notre Dame, CA
    Andrew Murray and Alex Nasr, Colleyville, TX
    Andrew Markoff and Regan Bozman, Bronx, NY
    Sagar Vijay and Will Rafey, Bellarmine, CA
    Collin Poirot and Rett Young, Highland Park, TX
    Flynn Makuch and Victor Shao, Glenbrook North, Il
    Dylan Carpenter and Ira Slomsk, New Trier, Il
    Craig Smyser and Layne Kirshon, Kinkade, TX
    Laurel Mills and Timothy Knoedler, Sheboygan North, WI


Dan Myers, director of the Ld division of the Meadows Invitational, has
certified the 2009 qualifiers, and Tim Alderete, tournament director, has
certified the policy qualifiers. Meadows is a TOC qualifier in both
divisions at the semifinals level.


     Kevin Coltin, Brophy College Prep, Arizona
     Tess McNulty, Milburn, NJ
     Ben Schifberg, South Eugene, OR
     JP Gooderham, Upper St. Claire, PA

     Clara Purk, West Taylor Layton, NV
     Bato & Greg Rodarte, Damien Christian, CA
 ?? ???????????? 

Warren Sprouse, director of the Iowa Caucus, has certified the 2009 TOV
qualifiers. The Caucus is a TOC qualifier in both LD and Policy at the
semifinals level,


     Jack Mullaney, Edina, MN
     Chris Conway, New Trier, IL
     Ross Brown, Valley, Iowa
     Conor Doherty, Hopkins, MN
     Bernick and Ciborowski, Henry Sibley, MN
     Jordan and Kaplan, Highland Park. MN
     Quam and Johnson, St Paul Central, MN
     Curran and Bingham, Walter Payton, NY -


Adam Jacobi, tab room director of the Rufus King Congress at Milwaukee, has
certified the 2009 Congress qualifiers. Rufus Hall is a Congress qualifier
at the top six level.

     Alyssa Ray-Alden, Milwaukee, WI
     Emily Summers, Rufus King, WI
     Abilash Seshadri, James Madison, WI
     Robert Arnow, Nicolet, WI
     Jason Schwartz, Nicolet, WI
     Michelle Yang, James Madison, WI


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