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                         NOTE: NEW HOTEL FOR THE 2009 TOC

                                HOLIDAY INN  NORTH
                          NOTE: NEW HOTEL FOR THE 2009 TOC

                                HOLIDAY INN  NORTH
                                1950 Newtown Pike
                                PHONE: 859--233--0512
                 Room Rate:  $95+ tax /per night  (up to 4 in a room)

UC-BERKELEY (Please note: Some states as listed may be wrong. Please ignore)

Greg Achten, director of the Cal-Berkeley invitational, has certified the
2009 TOC quals. Berkeley is a TOC qual in Policy, Ld, and Public Forum at
the octas level, and in Congress at the semi's level.


     Layne Kirshon and Craig Smyser, Kinkade, TX
     Eric Berggren and Pablo Gannon, Damien High School, CA
     AL and Peyton Lee, Pace Academy, GA
     Nathan Dupont and Natalie Sanluis, Jack C Hays, TX
     Alex Werner and Alex Zavell, Head Royce, CA
     Stacy Kapustina and Phil Sailer, Glenbrook South, IL
     Nupi Bhushan and Anna Litman, Greenhill School, TX
     Michael Luxemburg and Becca Rothfeld, Georgetown Day, DC
     Ross Gordon and Ira Slomski-Pritz, New Trier, IL
     Elli Kuenzel and Krystal Rountree, Ashland (OR)
     Chris Duran and Quinn Powell, Notre Dame, CA
     Will Rafey and Sagar Vijay, Bellarmine, CA
     Eunice Kim and Emma Vance, College Prep, CA
     Flynn Makuch and Victor Shao, Glenbrook North, IL
     Reid Ehrlich-quinn and Sean Hernandez, Damien, CA
     Sejal Parekh and Chander Ramesh, Saint Francis, CA

     Jordan Lamothe, Meadows, NV
     Daniel Garber, Mountain View, CA
     Natalee Pei, Mountain View, CA
     Laura Bomes, Archer, CA
     Ben Schifberg, South Eugene, OR
     Michelle Keohane, Apple Valley, MN
     Daniel Moerner,  Altos High School, NM
     Jeff Liu, Oak Mountain High, CA
     Danielle Smogard, Greenhill School, TX
\    Pat Donovan, Glenbrook North, IL
     Catherine Tarsney, St. Louis Park, MN
     Alex Kennedy, College Prep, CA
     Chris Theis, Apple Valley High, MN
     Ben Holguin, Edina, MN
     Michael Mezzatesta, Loyola, CA
     Francesca Parente, Wayzata, MN


    Kaavya Gowda and Kelsey Hilbrich, Harker, CA
    Ankit Bhakta and Anuv Ratan, Claremont, CA
    Simon Huang and Dustin Tao, Leland, CA
    Zach Collins and Joey Glickman, New Trier, IL
    Gabe Neslin and Lawson Williams, George Washington, CA
    Justine Liu and James Seifert, Harker, CA
    Neil Malani and Hao Tran, Monte Vista, CA
    Jalal Buckley and Roxanna Haghiaghat, Saint Francis, CA
    Scott Miller and Cory Yeffet, Michael Krop, CA
    Brittney Regal and Leah Yaffe, Green Valley, CA
    Ashwath Chennapan and Annie Yi, Leland, CA
    Madi Pluss and Gabe Rusk, George Washington, CA
    Shahryar Abbasi and Hinh Tran, Monte Vista, CA
    Joe Eichenbaum and David Walchek, New Trier, IL
    Quinn Buniel and Lance Castillo, Frontier, CA
    Gurjot Mattu and Jonathan Wu, James Logan, CA


    Uzair Khan, Dougherty Valley, CA
    Matthew Lee, Dougherty Valley, CA
    Katherine Zhang, Dougherty Valley, CA
    Bryan Hickman, Foothill Technology -
    Zachary Isaacs, Head Royce, CA
    Mason Satterwhite, Los Altos, CA
    Jason Alafgani, Lowell, CA
    Varut Chee, Mark Keppel, CA
    Sean Hamamoto, Mark Keppel, CA
    Tiffany Luong, Mark Keppel, CA
    Rebecca Pottash, Marlborough, CA
    Dylan Schwartz, Miami Country Day, FL
    Matthew Gruda, Michael Krop, CA
    Alec Bahramipour, Miramonte, CA
    Talia Citron, Miramonte, CA
    Anirudh Sapru, Miramonte, CA
    David Tse, Miramonte, CA
    Spencer Whittaker, Miramonte, CA
    Karna Adam, Monte Vista, CA
    Jason Kim, Monte Vista, CA
    Jason Zhao, Monte Vista, CA
    Nick Macklin, Snohomish, CA
    Danviet Doan, Westfield High, CA
    Kurt Spindler, Miramonte, CA
    Carson States, Silverton, CA
    Jonathan Ma, Mark Keppel, CA
    Alvin Huang, Mark Keppel, CA
    Robert Sanchez, Mountain View, CA
    Stephen Kui, Monte Vista, CA
    Rhys Seiffe, New Trier, IL
    Michael Harris, North Hollywood, CA
    Siteng Ma, Little Rock Central, AR
    Cheryl Hori, Miramonte, CA
    Alia Fite, Miramonte, CA
    Sam Stone, Monte Vista -
    Rylan Schaeffer, Mountain View, CA
    Winston Chang, Arcadia Debate Forum, CA
    David Sun, Mark Keppel, CA
    Jonathan Haderlein, North Hollywood, CA
    Louis Li, Monte Vista, CA
    Brendan Bashin-Sullivan,Miramonte, CA
    Nipun Bhandari, Monte Vista, CA
    Sebastian DeLuca, Monte Vista, CA


Jonathan Alston User, director of the Newark Invitational, has certified the
2009 TOC quals. Newark qualifies in LD at the finals level.


    Jared Dummitt, Stuyvesant, NY
    Zak Pyzik, Pocono Mountain, PA

JW Patterson,

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