[eDebate] CEDA Student Representative for the 2009 Topic Committee

Ricky Deck rickydeck
Wed Mar 18 22:57:16 CDT 2009

This Message is Directed to Everyone that will be at the Elections for the
Student Representative to the Topic Committee.

My name is Ricky Deck and I currently debate for James Madison University.
I'm writing here on E-Debate because unfortunately I will not make the
actual Elections Process in Idaho.  Although I won't be there, I definitely
would like to let everyone know that I would like to run to be the Student
Representative to the Topic Committee.  I feel that I'd be a good
Representative for a few reasons.

First, My experience in Debate-I've debated in High School for four years
reaching TOC Bid rounds as well as winning State Championship.  I've also
Gone to a few Camps During my High School years including SDI and DDI.
Although I did fairly well in high school, I came from a small school
background, so I know how difficult it can be debating against programs that
are quite big in comparison.  This is my first year debating in college and
I definitely will be debating the next few years.

Second, My Understanding of Small Programs and Big Programs-Like I said
above, I debated for a small program in high school, but I also tried
creating a program in college.  Unfortunately, my situation didn't work out
to well because of financial situations so I had to transfer out, but with
that said I know about small programs and I know how it sometimes can be
rough to be that small program.  With that insight, I promise to use that to
try and create a topic where the playing ground is beneficial to the Smaller

Third, I will Provide both K and Policy Ground-As a debater in high school I
ran both policy and kritikal arguments.  I've gone as far as running
arguments like nuclear malthus and wipeout.  This year I ran kritikal
arguments just as much as policy arguments and I feel that trying to have a
fair division of ground for both the kritikally oriented teams and policy
oriented teams is necessary.

Fourth, Support for a Smaller Topic with Good Generic Neg Ground-I feel that
a Smaller topic with Good Generic Negative Ground is the best topic.  I feel
that this would benefit Small Programs and it would provide a good way to
generate even K and Policy Ground.  I've heard complaints about topics like
the Middle East Topic last year, which many said it seemed to big.  It seems
obvious to also point out this years topic may have had some unnecessary
parts included.  For example, the Soy portion of the topic was hardly
debated this year.  I've been told the China topic had really good generic
neg ground (Pressure Bad Links, Econ pressure, Orientalism, Pan K, Rights

I love this Activity we call Debate, and if I were Elected the Student
Representative to the Topic Committee I can assure everyone that I will do
the best I can to make next years topic one that we can look back and say
"Damn, I loved that topic"


Ricky Deck
James Madison Debate
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